'murica runs on dunkin



I love Eos <3

i really like your nails :o 


lol watch your shoe catch on fire






says the girl with her shirt off and short shortswow clap

Best comment ever

Do you not get the point of the picture? The fucking point it that no matter what size you are you can be insecure about yourself. It doesn’t matter what you wear or do or how you act in front of other people, sometimes you still come home and sit there and cry about how much you hate yourself and your body. I was looking through all the comments and seriously all i see is “but your skinny” or “how”. There’s people out there who starve themselves, who don’t see what they really look like in the mirror. Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they like themselves. I seriously just wanted to point that out because a lot of you aren’t getting the point. Think before you type dumbasses.

^ I absolutely love your comment. Personally I hate when people call me skinny. It makes me feel different, and I don’t like it. I’ve heard so many comments behind my back (especially from guys) saying things like “i’m not curvy enough for a black person” or they look at me and say “that’s how you know you’re anorexic”. First of all i’m not anorexic, I eat more than anyone else I know. It really hurts when people don’t accept you for who you are, and I’m tired of people looking at me and thinking I’m disgusting. So yes for all you people that don’t know, it’s possible to be skinny and insecure. I’m living proof of it.

Wow people can be so inconsiderate..

those first two comments are dicks, you really don’t get the point of this photo…